screen shots

I’ve finally taken time to make a few screen grabs of Novus Scan. The app has two main functions and two views.

The first is the database manager, which enables you to create a database of documents that you can later scan for plagiarism:

Novus Scan-1
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The main view or window is where you can add other documents that you want to scan. When you click the Start Scan button, the text in your document is compared the the content of all the documents in the database.

Novus Scan
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The right side of the window is a list of documents from the database that contain text that matches text in the document that you’ve scanned. The center pane contains the text content of your document (top) and that of the matching document (bottom). All matching phrases are highlighted in the document text in the center of the window.

Novus Scan also has a report generator that enables you to create a printable report of your scan results.