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I’m excited to announce that a new version of Novus Scan is almost ready for testing! Based on feedback from our team of testers, I’ve been making some major changes to Novus Scan’s functionality. Most importantly, I removed the integrated web browser and the internet search functionality. After going through the first round of testing I realized that the use of the web browser within this type of application was too confusing to users, and was not meeting their expectations. By removing this feature I have also limited Novus Scan to searching documents on the user’s own computer. I do have plans to include an internet search feature in a future release, but for now, I want to get Novus Scan version 1.0 released as soon as possible, and add internet search at some future date. The other major change is that Novus Scan now supports only Mac OS 107 Lion. I realize that this can reduce somewhat the number of potential users, but it greatly simplifies the development process and enables me to ship this application in a shorter time frame.

I plan to post screenshots, a more detailed description of the product, and a time limited preview release within the next few days. If you’re interested in participating in the testing, please contact me directly.

To those of you who have helped test early versions of Novus Scan, thank you very much for your help and feedback.

Terra Novus Labs

Novus Scan coming soon!

Novus Scan is now in the final phase of development and I hope to release it to the public before the end of the month. Some may remember that Novus Scan was previously called Sieve, but I decided to change the name, and along the way I also updated the icon and the toolbar buttons. I’ve also added a major new feature – the ability to scan documents on your own computer. This was an often asked-for item and I decided it was worth the delay to add it.

Stay tuned for news from Terra Novus Labs!