Novus Scan's new preferences window

Here’s a preview of the preferences that I’m working on for Novus Scan. I’m introducing the option to control the sensitivity/speed of the scanning algorithm which can help speed up searches in really large databases. Note that speed and sensitivity are mutually exclusive…

I’m also setting up Novus Scan with the ability to log errors to our server. This will help me find and fix problems that happen on users’ computers but that we can’t reproduce here at TNL HQ.

The other features are minor usability enhancements. Now by default, documents will be compared to themselves when they’re scanned. This should alleviate the confusion some people have had when Novus Scan fails to report any matches and they know that they have the same document in the database as the one they’re scanning. Reporting ‘self hits’ can slow down Novus Scan considerably though so it will be best to turn it off if you don’t need it.

When will these great new features be in Novus Scan? I’m planning a release in a few weeks!