Introducing Novus Scan, a plagiarism checker for Macs

I’m very happy to announce that Novus Scan 1.0 is now available. Novus Scan is a plagiarism checker for Macs.

Novus Scan helps you prevent accidental self plagiarism. You can create a database of your previously written articles, blog posts, or manuscripts. When you write a new document, use Novus Scan to search your database and report any duplicated snippets of text. Freelance writers – make sure you don’t accidentally deliver the same text to different clients. Teachers – make sure your students haven’t copied each others term papers.

The free version allows you to create a database of up to 20 documents and the full version allows an unlimited number of documents. The full version also features a report generator, that enables you to prepare printed or PDF format reports of any copied text that you’ve found.

Novus Scan is now on sale for $19.95. Visit the Terra Novus Labs website to learn more.