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Back to School Sale for the Plagiarism Checking Tool Novus Scan

Terra Novus Labs is pleased to announce a back to school sale for their plagiarism checking tool, Novus Scan. From now through September 30, Novus Scan will be on sale for $12.79, a 20% discount from its normal price.

As a plagiarism checker, Novus Scan is a great addition to a teacher’s toolkit, enabling them to compare students’ homework or term papers.  It also helps writers and editors compare versions of articles and manuscripts, highlighting similarities between them.

Novus Scan works completely offline.  Users create a database of documents and then scan the database using a document the they’d like to check for copied text.  Novus Scan compares the text to its document database using a two-step scanning algorithm that first finds candidate documents, and then compares them word-by-word to the document that they’re scanning.

Novus Scan detects exact phrases at least 8 words long and inexact phrases longer than 8 words. The search results are shown in an intuitive user interface that displays the user’s document and the matching documents in the same window.  Users can also create reports that can be printed or saved in PDF format.

Since it works offline, users can be sure that their documents won’t be uploaded to the internet and they won’t violate intellectual property rights of the document’s owner. Users maintain their own database of documents, whether it’s their own previously written work, reference materials used in research, or term papers from classes that they are teaching.

Key Features:

  • Import documents in popular formats, including Word, PDF and html
  • Find matching phrases at least 8 words long
  • Print or save a report that shows the copied text with references to the source documents


The back to school sale price is available exclusively through the Terra Novus Labs website. Download the free trial app and use the in-app link to go to the store. Use the coupon code EDUCATION during checkout.

New app rankings for 2014

2014 was a great year for Novus Scan and Terra Novus Labs.  Last November, we ranked #5 in the UK Mac App Store education category and in Canada, we were #1 in education for a short time earlier this year.  In the US we were ranked #17 in education for a while in November of last year.

Well, 2015 has already begun and we’re really looking forward to it. We have a couple of New apps under development as well as some new features for Novus Scan that should be released during the second or third quarter of the year.

Thanks to all of our customers for a great 2014!


Novus Scan 1.1.1 Now Available

The free demo version of our offline plagiarism checker Novus Scan has been updated to version 1.1.1 and is now available on our website.  Version 1.1.1 contains some security updates that will ensure compatibility with upcoming versions of Mac OS.  The demo version is free but only allows you to have 20 documents in the document database and does not allow you to print of save reports.  The full version will be available on the Mac App Store in a few days.

More information and a download link can be found here:

The full version an be downloaded from the Mac App Store: Novus Scan

Novus Scan Update

I just submitted an updated version of Novus Scan to the Mac App Store.  This version adds a preferences pane with two options.  The first enables you to change the highlighting color of the text.

prefsThe second option is is a checkbox that enables Novus Scan to report ‘self hits’.  Normally, Novus Scan tries to determine if the document you’re scanning is in the database and if so, it ignores any of those matches.  By enabling this checkbox, you can force Novus Scan to report those matches, which will result in the whole document being highlighted at matching text.  This option is mostly useful for making sure that Novus Scan works.  If Novus Scan is not reporting any matching text and you’re concerned that something is wrong, you can enable this checkbox and scan your document again. If your document is also in the database, you should find is listed at the top of the matching documents list on the right side of the results page.

Easy Gantt Charts public trial

I’ve just released an evaluation version of Easy Gantt Charts. This is an ‘alpha’ version, which means that I may add new features or change existing features.  I’d really like to get some feedback on it, so if you download it, please let me know what you think.

Download Now

Novus Scan 1.0.6

I just released Novus Scan 1.0.6! This update includes a couple of minor bug fixes. The new preferences window that I described in my previous post will be in a separe, future release. Novus Scan 1.0.6 is available for download now from the website and will appear in the Mac App Store in a few days.