Monthly Archives: June 2014

Novus Scan Update

I just submitted an updated version of Novus Scan to the Mac App Store.  This version adds a preferences pane with two options.  The first enables you to change the highlighting color of the text.

prefsThe second option is is a checkbox that enables Novus Scan to report ‘self hits’.  Normally, Novus Scan tries to determine if the document you’re scanning is in the database and if so, it ignores any of those matches.  By enabling this checkbox, you can force Novus Scan to report those matches, which will result in the whole document being highlighted at matching text.  This option is mostly useful for making sure that Novus Scan works.  If Novus Scan is not reporting any matching text and you’re concerned that something is wrong, you can enable this checkbox and scan your document again. If your document is also in the database, you should find is listed at the top of the matching documents list on the right side of the results page.